Using The lake Water Of King Fahd Dam at WadiBisha in Fish Farming with the most Updated Techniques.

Student(s):Raghad ghormallah AL ghamdi
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
Contributors:Dr/ Mai El Marzoky (Faculty of Science) To Mr. / Sultan Elotiby Eng/ Mohammad Nasser Masoud El-shahrany “The water sources Section Head” at the Water Services centerinBisha governorate. Eng/ Magdy Mahmoud Hussein “Mechanical Engineer”
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report
Protocols:Alkalinity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrates, Salinity (including Titration), pH, Water Transparency
Date Submitted:03/27/2018
King Fahd Dam

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King Fahd Dam is regarded as the biggest dam in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia: as its height reaches to 103 meters, storage capacity equals to 325 million cubic meters, the dam spot height tends to be 250-kilo meters and the floods water collective area for this dam reaches 7600-kilo cubic meters.
In addition, it rains heavily in the headwaters of this valley and its tributaries. The lake of King Fahd Dam is a large lake where floods water collected inside. Since the lake contains water all over the year and after geographical studies, it turns out that, it is difficult to practice fishing in this lake. Thus, we have carried out this study, which aims to utilize the lake water in fish farming by designing home fish farms filled with the lake water or by digging fishponds next to the lake to be utilized in fish farming in order to increase the fish production, varying the income sources and increasing job opportunities. Chemical and biological analyses done to know the appropriate kind of fish for this lake areCarp Fish, which are already existed in this lake. Through applying the most updated techniques in fish farming, we shall improve the quality of the lake water. Thus, we recommend using the lake water in fish farming.


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