Effect of climate change in the river ecosystems of Tucker County, WV

Grade Level:Upper Primary (grades 3-5, ages 8-11)
GLOBE Teacher(s):
Report Type(s):Standard Research Report
Date Submitted:05/09/2012

Environmental studies of river ecosystems in Tucker County, WV were carried out to study the effect of climatic changes in various bio-chemical parameters of different rivers. Five different river sites were estimated following standard methods and procedures of GLOBE. The study indicated the changes in various factors including pH, BOD, oxygen level, turbidity, odor, phosphates, nitrates, presence of bacteria and some macro invertebrates. Drastic changes in water data and macro invertebrate population were observed in the winter when compared to Fall 2011.


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From the students of the Montessori Academy of North Texas -

"Very thorough project. You used many globe protocals. The audio quality was very poor and made it hard to understand."

Posted on 5/15/12 9:12 PM.

From a student at West Haven High School -

"This video was very good and well thought through! It was very helpful that your procedure was showed in the video. It gave us viewers an easier way to visualize it and a better understanding. Do you plan on continuing this research? If you do, will you add on more rivers sites? If you do continue your research, perhaps you might want to explain what was compared and contrasted dealing with the various biophysico-chemical parameters in the rivers. I really enjoyed hearing about your research!"

Posted on 5/21/12 5:46 PM.

From a student at West Haven High School-

"I'm very impressed with your research! The best thing about research is that it can continue to be improved. One thing that i would add to the research being done is so observe plant life and growth. As the climate changes, so do the plants. This can affect not only living organisms, but also the water quality. If there is not a lot of plant life then animals that may use plants for cover, or even as food, will not want to live there. This would affect the water because whatever is taken up into the plants through the root system, will not go into the water through runoff. Again, great job and I can't wait to hear about your research updates!"

Posted on 5/21/12 7:17 PM.