Student Videos


GLOBE Students! This year, the GLOBE Annual Meeting is going virtual. 

While we are unable to meet you in person, we would love to see you on video! We want to showcase some of the activities that you are doing at home (indoors if you are required to remain indoors, or outdoors if you are free to move about).

Send us your videos! The 2020 GLOBE Virtual Meeting will showcase video montages created from the video(s) you send to us. 


Turn your camera on, and show us (or talk to us) about the following:

a) Your observations of the current natural world. Are you seeing changes? If so, we‘d love to hear about them.


b) We’d like you to share an expression of your culture with us (choose one of the following) --

·    a dance you can demonstrate,

·      artwork you are

working on,

·      music you may want to perform for us, or

·      take us into your kitchen to see what’s cooking!

For help, watch this instructional video below on how to make your video:

Click here to view

Most student video entries will be placed on a 2020 Annual Meeting Student Video playlist on the GLOBE YouTube channel. The best of what we receive will be showcased during the online meeting. Don’t worry about editing … we have staff to do that. We’ll be pulling out segments of your videos so no need to produce a professional video! 


Video Submission Guidelines and Instructions:

Deadline for video submission is 23 June 2020

Time: Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Film yourself in bright, clear lighting.

Submissions are Closed for this Project. Thank you students for your submissions!


Media Release Form: We will be sending out Media Release Forms in a separate email. You will need to sign and return this to us in order for your video to be selected and included in the Virtual Meeting. Please keep an eye out for this email in your inbox after you submit your video!

Thank you for being apart of this project and we look forward to seeing you at the

2020 GLOBE Virtual Meeting!