Virtual Meeting Tech Demos

Try it, you'll like it!

Try out the new GLOBE Observer, new GLOBE website and explore the proposed site architecture improvements.  

Below are directions on how to access and try the new features coming to GLOBE.  Feel free to try them out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is important, so let us know what you think.

Problems Accessing? - We're here to help

>>GLOBE Observer and GLOBE Data Entry - Try the beta version of the app

Here are instructions which will take you through the steps to get the beta version of GLOBE Observer on your mobile device.

Please give us your feedback.

Remember the following:

1) You will be working in our "staging" environment which is where we test our GLOBE Observer work. It may be less reliable than our production environment.

2) The "staging" environment has old versions of your logon, so you may need to set your password in staging.  This is a different environment than, or the "staging7" environment below, so it's possible to have a different password here. Instructions on how to reset your password are included in the instructions.

3) Because this is our staging environment, not all of your current sites or data will be visible.

4) Don't forget to delete the beta version of the app when you're done and re-download again from Google Play/App Store. 

5) This is a beta version, so not every feature and function is working..there's more to come....but please give us your feedback.

Thank you!

>>New GLOBE Website - "Liferay 7.2"

Download the GLOBE Website - Software Update presentation

We will be allowing GLOBE members to access the 'staging' site to try out the new software version of the website in a few weeks. Look for the announcement in an upcoming website News article.

Please give us your feedback.


>>New GLOBE Website Architecture

As you may have seen in the presentation, we have worked to create an improved GLOBE website architecture that makes content easier to find and improves the login process for new users. It is available for you to review.

Please give us your feedback.

Remember the following:

1) These are "wireframes" - so they are rough/ugly versions of what the site will look like.  Don't worry about the graphical design at this time.

2) Not every link works. Look for the green glow to help you see what things are clickable and what aren't.

3) Ask yourself "where would I look for xyz" and see if you can find it where you expect.  Your feedback on how well things are organized, or if you think anything is still unclear is very helpful.  Please give us your feedback!


Proposed Site Architecture Wireframes
Proposed Dashboard/My Page Wireframes


On behalf of GLOBE, NASA, the DIS Team and the Technology Working Group...Thank you for your help!