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​​​​​​​Soil pH

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Students will prepare a one-to-one mixture of dry soil and distilled water and then measure the pH of the liquid left after most of the soil has settled to the bottom of the mixture.

Teachers Guide Supporting Protocols

Supporting Protocols

Protocols to help in completion of the main protocol

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Students will use a technique chosen by their teacher to expose a soil profile for characterization.

Teachers Guide Field Guides

Field Guides

Step-by-step instructions for collection data according to the protocols.

Teachers Guide Data Sheets

Data Sheets

Sheets to be filled out during data collection

Teacher Guide Learning Activities

Learning Activities

Activities to help students learn more about the instruments and protocols

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Students are introduced to the basic concepts of how water passes through soil in an activity which illustrates the scientific method. More advanced students investigate the effects of soil characteristics on water infiltration and the chemistry of water that has passed through soil
Students will understand the geologic phenomena of weathering and erosion. These processes, along with deposition, shape our landforms and contribute to the development of parent material in the soil formation process.
An activity which highlights the importance of learning about the soils on Earth. In this activity students explore some of the many uses of soils, learn the five soil-forming factors, and gain a better understanding of how little of Earth's surface is covered in soil.

Teachers Guide Resources


Additional documents or tools related to the protocol