The GLOBE Carbon Cycle Project has developed a suite of educational activities to assist you in teaching the carbon cycle. Project team members have developed a flowchart in order to help you navigate the activities based on the level of knowledge of your students. (Note: this flowchart links to field measurements for a Standard Site - one with homogenous vegetation, if you will be taking measurements in a school yard, city part, etc. please see this Non-Standard Site flowchart).


You can begin with an Introduction to Systems Thinking though the Paperclip Simulation; Carbon Cycle Introductory Activities, such as the Carbon Cycle Adventure Story or the Carbon Travels Game followed by Getting to Know the Global Carbon Cycle; perform experiments on plants to better understand photosynthesis and respiration and the role of plants in the carbon cycle; collect data in the field, forest or school grounds; and participate in carbon and biomass modeling. Select one, several or all of the Carbon Cycle activities to guide your students to a better understanding of the carbon cycle.