Clouds Challenge

Clouds Challenge: What's up in Your Sky?

NASA is requesting YOUR help to determine “What’s up in your sky”. The GLOBE Clouds team wants to study differences in clouds and aerosols. Help by submitting clouds, dust, haze or smoke observations (limit of 10 per day) from October 15 to November 15, 2019 using any of GLOBE’s data entry tools including the clouds tool on the GLOBE Observer mobile app. GLOBE and GLOBE Observer participants submitting the most observations (limit of 10 per day) will be congratulated by NASA scientists with a video posted on the NASA GLOBE Clouds website.



Do you see a dust storm, haze, or smoke? We want your photographs! Use the steps recommended to capture a dust storms. Example images are available to guide you to identify what you are looking at. Please note that a gray looking day might be a sky that is completely covered by clouds. Want to learn more about dust storms? Use our Dust Observations section on our NASA GLOBE Clouds website to learn more about your impact and review educator resources on the topic.