GLE 2018 Shared Photo Albums

Instructions for Shared Photo Albums

We have a set up a fast and easy way for you to share your photos during the GLE.  Just go to:, or click on the “Shared Image Folders” link in the Social Media section of the One-Stop Shop page.
Once there (you will be re-directed to, simply select the appropriate album (these are set up by date) and then select the blue “+Add More Photos” button in the upper right-hand corner of the web page.  A pop-up will appear asking you to fill in some information.  This is not necessary.  You do not need an account to add or access photos.  Simple “close” the pop up window and proceed to choose your photos for uploading to the site.  You will be able to add as many photos as you would like to share with the group. Then hit the green button (“Start Uploading”). Once uploaded, select the blue “Ok” button and you are done!
To edit, share or download any of the photos, simply select a photo from any of the albums. Near the top of the web page you will see a few different options (an editor wand, and “share” and “more” links). Select whichever action you wish and then follow the steps.

Note: Placing your photos in these albums allows all participants to access them and share them freely with friends and family. Doing so will also allow your photos to be considered for the slideshow to be shown during the final banquet.  Please also note, that by contributing photos to these albums, you agree to allow The GLOBE Program to freely use your photos for educational purposes. Photos will not include a by-line. All photos will be reviewed before they display on the site and/or social media.