Language on the website


Language tutorials

If you're not logged in, use the drop-down menu next to the search icon (the icon in the header of each page that looks like a magnifying glass) and choose the language you prefer.

If you're already logged into the website, you can click on your name in the top right hand corner and choose "My Account". Click the blue Save button to reload your language preferences. This will reload the page with the language that is currently selected in your display settings. To see the language that is currently set, use the second to last menu item called "Display Settings" and you'll see the language choice shown. The trick mentioned above where you simply visit your account and click on save to reload settings works particularly well when the language is something you don't understand and you can't figure out which menu item is "Display Settings".
Take note of the exact link shared, directly after the part there will be a forward slash and a language code, something like /es or /ru so it would look like  All you need to do is replace the code with /en so our example would be rewritten like so: and those who visit the link will see it displayed in English.