FAQ - GLOBE Workshops

Administración de Talleres

Si usted es un asociado de GLOBE o CC, inicie sesión y visite la comunidad de Coordinador de país / asociado para ver nuestros tutoriales del taller.

Este video tutorial ayudará a responder sus preguntas con los usuarios que se registren en su taller: Workshop Help
Este video tutorial ayudará a responder sus preguntas con la creación de un nuevo taller: How to Create Workshops
Este video tutorial ayudará a responder sus preguntas sobre cómo sus usuarios se registrarán en su taller: User Signup
Este video tutorial lo ayudará a responder sus preguntas: Administración del taller y asistentes, listas, comunicación y finalización del taller: Workshop Management
Este video tutorial lo ayudará a responder sus preguntas utilizando las herramientas de búsqueda para encontrar personas que haya capacitado: Workshop Search

Log in to globe.gov. In the upper right-hand corner of the website, select "Manage" and then "Workshop Administration" under "Control Panel." or click on "Control Panel." Once you are in the "Control Panel," select "Workshop Administration."

Note: If you do not see a Workshop Administration tool pop-up, please choose the browser and operating system that you are currently using for more detailed instructions.



If you see a yellow bar across the top of your webpage with the message "Firefox prevented this site from opening a pop-up window," you will need to select the "Preferences" button in the upper right of the yellow bar and then click "Allow pop-ups for www.globe.gov".  

Select the "Launch Admin Workshop"  and then click on the link for "New Workshop Administration Tool" to open the tool.


Depending on your system one of the following options will apply:

There will be a message in the white URL area above your name that says "Pop-up blocked" that slides away until it's only an icon (it may be a white box with black borders and a red X in the right hand side of the box). What to do: Select the box. Click the radio button next to the message "Always allow pop-ups from www.globe.gov" and select the "Workshop Administration" link to launch the tool.

If you see a blue button (instead of the white box with black borders mentioned above), select the "Workshop Administration" link on the lefthand sidebar to get the New Workshop Administration Tool.

Safari (MAC)

If you see the Workshop Administration page. Select the "Launch Admin Workshop" and then select the "New Workshop Administration Tool."

Internet Explorer (Windows)

If you see a message at the bottom of your page in a white box with black border and a yellow top that says "Internet Explorer blocked a pop-up from www.globe.gov", then select the button that says "Options for this site" and click on "Always Allow."

If you clicked the X before following the instructions above, select the Launch Admin Workshop > click the "New Workshop Administration Tool" to launch the tool.