Upload the data

Upload the data


GLOBE data can be submitted using the GLOBE data entry app or on a desktop pc 

To upload data measured by sunphotometer go to the GLOBE data entry page. You have to log in first. Choose the study site of your school and select the aerosol observation. GLOBE data entry page for aerosols has been modified so that the schools can enter data from various types of sunphotometers.


  1. Fill in the date and time.
  2. Answer the question "Does your photometer measure AOT directly?"
  3. If you chose YES, select a Photometer Manufacturer.
  4. If you chose NO, type in a Photometer Serial Number. The Serial Number will be checked against the database, so you must enter a valid number.
  5. Fill all required fields including those for which you have the data.
  6. Click 'Send Data' to permanently save the data you entered.
  7. Click 'Print this submission' to print your observation after which you may click 'create a new one' to start a new observation, or click 'Data Entry Home' to return to the home page.

If you are not familiar with entering data and need some assistance, please refer to the data entry tutorials page.