My Tree in Autumn 

In autumn, the trees shine with many shades of yellow and red as they prepare for the winter sleep. Their leaves gradually turn colour and fall down in a process called green-down. 
Let's watch the beauty of autumn change together!


The 2021 Autumn campaign started in mid-September. To join, please REGISTER HERE

Schools registered for the campaign receive 3 learning activities for students and regular newsletters with invitations to webinars. They also have the opportunity to earn a GLOBE certificate and be part of the lively campaign community! For information about the campaign, please write to lenka.kleger@terezanet.cz. 



Our autumn with trees, December 1st @3 pm CET

Opportunity for students and teachers to share the results of their autumn tree observations, research and collaboration. 

The webinar will showcase the best videos and posters from the Tree Reporters Challenge.

The registration will be open soon.


Let's get to know your tree in a different way! Choose one of the two challenges organized by GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Office and become a Tree Reporter.

When? October 22 – November 19
The best videos and posters will be selected by the Europe and Eurasia GLOBE Regional Office and presented to the international community at the webinar Our Autumn with Trees on December 1. 

Find out more HERE.


Select one of the 7 species (Hazel, Fig, Lime, Oak, Cherry, Birch, Beech) that GLOBE students around Europe follow in autumn.


What else can you do?

  • Research how the autumn change of trees relates to weather.
  • Find out, how tall your tree is - try the tree height activity.
  • Join webinars organised in cooperation with scientists.
  • Take pictures with GrowApp and make a time-lapse video.
  • Share your results and pictures with other schools at the discussion forum.
  • Get inspired by the research and activities of other students.
  • Connect to teachers and students from other countries within the School Collaboration group.
  • Read the article "Why do the leaves change color?" and learn why and how the autumn change of trees happen.

The benefits are multiple for the students such as observing nature and learning to be patient. They analyse the results, make a hypothesis and give the conclusion in the end which is the basis for the scientific way of thinking.

Ankica Veseljić, OS Banija, Croatia

Activities for students

Additional activities

To observe and record your tree colour change (activities 2 and 3) you will need the GLOBE Plant Color Guide. If you don’t have the Guide, please contact your GLOBE country coordinator.

Do you want to read more about GLOBE green down observations? Download the Green down protocol, Field guide and Data Sheet from the Download materials tab.

2020 Autumn Collaboration group

Why join the Collaboration Group?

Apart from new knowledge about phenology, students learn to communicate with international students. Skill, which is essential when living in the 21st century.

What can you do within the collaboration group?

  • regularly exchange data and pictures by e-mail
  • plan a call and discuss your experience and results
  • plan a student research project together

Registration for the 2021 Autumn collaboration group has been closed.

For further information, please write to lenka.kleger@terezanet.cz.   

Pictures by: Veliko Karachiviev on Unsplash, GLOBE School ZS Trebic, Czech Republic