To successfully use the Mosquito Habitat Mapper protocol within the GLOBE Observer App, create a "Kit" with the following items:

  • Magnifying lens that attaches to a mobile device (smart phone or tablet compatible with the GLOBE Observer App) (60x-100x)

  • Latex gloves and goggles (to safely collect the water sample)

  • Water bottle, ketchup bottle, turkey baster or bucket (to collect larvae sample) 

  • Plastic bag (to transport larvae sample)

  • Permanent marker (to write date and location of where sample was taken on the collection bag)

  • Ethanol OR hand sanitizer (to euthanize larvae)

  • Pipette (to transfer sample from sampling container to plate)

  • White plastic plate (to view and count the larvae in your sample)

  • Paper towels (to keep the observation area clean and dry)

  • Probe (bamboo skewers or toothpicks to help with larvae identification)

  • Vial (to store larvae samples - for individuals conducting training workshops)


See below for clarifying images:

Turkey Baster


Magnifying lens
attached to smart phone