GLOBE Impact Around the World

GLOBE Impact Around the World

The international GLOBE network has grown to include representatives from 127 participating countries and 119 U.S. Partners coordinating GLOBE activities that are integrated into their local and regional communities. Due to their efforts, there are tens of thousands of GLOBE-trained teachers representing schools around the world. GLOBE students have contributed over 200 million measurements to the GLOBE database for use in their inquiry-based science projects.

GLOBE impact around the world is depicted below. Data listed are obtained from the GLOBE database daily and are, therefore, considered current.

Numbers of K-12 teacher participants and K-12 student participants who benefited from GLOBE training and subsequently participated in data collection during fiscal years 2003 - 2012 is also available.

Grade Level Categorization

Primary: Grades K-6 (Ages 5-13)
Secondary: Grades 7-12 (Ages 12-19)
Primary & Secondary: Grades K-12 (Ages 5-19) *
Higher Ed: Grade 13+
*Note: The "K-12" designation includes GLOBE schools with multiple grade levels, schools that did not specify a grade level range, as well as a few organizations for which a grade level doesn't apply because they aren't schools.

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