Plan Investigation

How will you test your hypothesis and answer your research question?

  • A student developing a research planDevelop a research plan with specific steps to complete your investigation, including who will be responsible for each task if you are working in a group.
  • Determine the data you will need to collect to answer the question(s) you are asking. Decide which GLOBE measurement protocols you will use. If you need to take observations that are not covered by GLOBE protocols, write out the procedure you will follow, and specify the instrument(s) you will use.
  • Decide what existing data you will need, where they can be obtained, and how you will get them.
  • Identify the resources available to you such as measurement equipment and supplies.
  • Identify what help you may need from others including your teacher, experienced scientists, and other adults and students. It often helps to have a mentor or coach when learning anything new.
  • Plan your time. When and where will you take measurements? How will you get other data that you need?

Remember that the precision and accuracy of the data you use may affect the questions that can be answered. For instance, looking for a change of half a degree in temperature with a thermometer that is only accurate to ±2o C will only work if you average many measurements.

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