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Ghana GLOBE in March 2021 collaborated with Noguchi Memorial Institute to train four schools within Greater Accra and its environs on how to identify Mosquito species in their communities.  A total of 20 students,  four teachers and two STEM Coordinators were trained.  As a pilot project,  GLOBE Ghana Coordinator Ms. Berthy Buah took the opportunity to sensitize the schools on the importance of engaging in GLOBE activities in their schools and the numerous benefits awaits them if taken seriously. Scientists from the Parasitology department also encouraged the...

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Did you know that Global Accessibility Awareness Day is coming up? It focuses on digital accessibility and inclusion and it is marked annually on the third Thursday of May. Therefore, this year we are celebrating it on Thursday, May 20, 2021!I would like to invite you and everyone in our GLOBE community to celebrate! How? An idea is to develop the habit of using Alternative (Alt) Text.We use many images and graphs to share our GLOBE work; however, some people use screen reading technology to access our digital content. The screen reader will not be able to “translate” an image or a graph....

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ALIA, along with the Australian Space Agency and The Office of the Chief Scientist, and with help from Science Time From Space, is very excited to be able to bring an additional science and educational component to NSS 2021 – a science experiment from the International Space Station!The experiment is designed to shed some light on the important issue of climate change. The science concept shown will be that changing the surface of Earth results in changes to sun/earth/space heat balance. When we change the surface of the Earth from trees, oceans and dirt to concrete, bare fields and roads...

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I am so excited! This Thursday April 15 at 10am MT/12pm ET, the GLOBE program will celebrate National American Sign Language (ASL) Day! My friend Jillian Anderson and her students will give us a brief intro to ASL. They will also teach us how to sign some of the terms we use in GLOBE in ASL! I first met Jillian in 2018 when I was a GLOBE Air Quality intern at NASA Langley, under the mentorship of Dr. Margaret Pippin. I asked Margaret if I could invite the Lexington School for the Deaf to participate in the US GLOBE Air Quality Student Research Campaign. Margaret said "yes" instantly. I then...

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