Earth Day Video Competition – A look at GLOBE Student Exporations!

One important part in the scientific inquiry process that often gets overlooked is the step to communicate and share your research findings.  There are many ways that scientists share their research with each other and the community, including writing reports and publications, presenting research at conferences and meetings, and sharing their science with the community via the media.  The Internet age provides a number of great new ways for us to share science information, such as with blogs, online discussion forums, webinars, and by sharing videos.

To encourage everyone to share GLOBE science activities, The GLOBE Program is excited to sponsor a video competition highlighting students around the world exploring and investigating climate.  Whether it’s about using a GLOBE protocol or learning activity, or sharing results of a climate project you’re doing, or even a combination of the two, the video competition is a great way to share information about your school, climate, and culture with the international community!

This is the second type of video competition sponsored by The GLOBE Program – the first was in 2008 when the program was looking for keynote speakers for the 2008 Global Learning Expedition in South Africa. To see the winners and runners up from this first competition, be sure to visit the archived videos or audio clips.

Achu Sandrine Ajei - 2008 Keynote Speaker Winner
A screen capture from Achu Sandrine Ajei's video -
a 2008 Keynote Speaker Winner

This new competition differs from the 2008 one, because it focuses on a specific topic… climate!  As has been discussed in many blog topics in the past few months, each GLOBE region has its own unique climate and climate-related issues. By creating a video, it is a way to share that unique climate with the greater GLOBE community.  You may be surprised to find that a school over 4000 km away has a similar climate to your own!

The Student Climate Research Campaign provides many opportunities for you to take video – whether it be conducting the air temperature or precipitation protocols, or showing your class participating in the Climate and Land Cover Intensive Observing Period, or a project that your school is doing related to climate.  Each protocol provides endless opportunities to examine the relationship between your local conditions and apply it to your local climate.  So while you’re investigating this relationship, take some video and send it to us!

Since this is such an exciting opportunity, we’ve extended the deadline until 31 March 2012 at 23:00 GMT. Details can be found on the event page on how to submit your video. There are prizes for the first, second, and third place videos, and three winners will be announced per region beginning the week leading up to Earth Day! Prizes include:

  • 1st place  – A trophy, a GLOBE flag, and video highlighted on the GLOBE website
  • 2nd place – A plaque and a GLOBE flag
  • 3rd place – A GLOBE flag

We are looking forward to seeing your videos!

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