L2R Expectations 2012



L2R Expectations 2012


From learning to research is indeed a transformational way to look at teaching and learning from both student and teacher perspectives. Throughout the past academic school year I participated in many professional developments, content specific and non-content specific.  Just about 100% of the time the facilitator reads off some statistical data augmenting a point about learning methodologies or pedagogies that sometimes captured my attention.  I feel more often than not, that I am only a learner in this situation, requiring further truth and deeper understanding. I guess my driving questions for the L2R program would be, what or where is the threshold of moving from a learner to a researcher in the classroom, what does it look like, what roles do the teacher, students and administration and/or school community at large play in this transformational way of teaching in the classroom?

Throughout my educational career, I have had many researchers come in and collect data from a variety of pilot units and lessons. From this, one thing I hope to receive from the L2R initiative is to know how to efficaciously develop a way to collect, use and analyze data for academic growth of students and myself. Another is to connect with a larger community as a resource to bring into my classroom via technology some relevant dialogue and conversation about science phenomenon that binds use all on a global scale.

Lastly, I hope to gain new and innovative ways to engage my students with the resources’ we have in our building (social media) and on the school grounds.  Through the L2R experience, I hope to gain new set of educational colleagues that throughout the subsequent school year we can collaborate on science matters that's reflective of our GLOBE experience.