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The density box was new to most teachers at the workshop held on December 7 at Xavier University of New Orleans. I encourage this activity when teaching weather to reinforce the concept of density. Caption  

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I led a teacher workshop at Xavier University of Louisiana on the new GLOBE Weather Curriculum. Teachers left with lots of new knowledge, great ideas, and supplies.  Setting up the Sunny Day bottles Caption Caption Caption Setting up the density box demo that I wanted to share. Most teachers had never seen this.  

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Check out Dr. Kendrick Buford as he works with pre-service teachers in conducting pedosphere and hydrosphere protocols. This took place during fall semester 2019 at Bobby Chain Park at Twin Forks along the Leaf River in Hattiesburg, Mississippi:  

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Starting 2020 off as a GLOBE trainer at a Climate Change event. I am very excited to be teaching WV teachers about the Carbon Cycle and its associated protocols. We will be participating in some exciting learning games also: The Carbon Travel Game and Biomass Units.

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Special observations of airplanes and contrails are being collected by a select few as part of a pilot project the GLOBE Clouds team has been working on for a year. The project asks students to use an app that tracks aircrafts, then note if the airplane is or is not creating a contrail. The airplane tracker app suggested notes the height of the airplanes, giving the opportunity to note the altitude of the contrails if present. The GLOBE Clouds team was able to present a first look at the data collected by students at Alpena Elementary/Middle School (Mr. Roger Rose teacher), Treadway...

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