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Here is the recording of my 3-minute lightening talk at the Google Earth Engine User Summit 2018 meeting. "Planetary Education: Google Earth Engine + The GLOBE Program" Read more about this event here: I invite students, teachers, and partners to add a comment below if you would like to explore how to use GLOBE data with this powerful remote sensing tool.

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After a couple days with very high heat indexes for north central Ohio [which resulted in school being closed on Wednesday], the temperatures dropped to a level that allowed my students in Citizen Science Research to head out to two of our atmospheric sites.  I walked them through the site definition on one site, leaving the 2nd site for them to complete next week.   They also worked through the cloud protocol in small teams and then compared observations.  With the images included on the cloud data sheet, they all felt comfortable with this protocol.  They also...

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The ICESat-2 Satellite will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Lompoc, California on Saturday, September 15, 2016. At this time, the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign will officially begin. If you happen to find yourself in Lompoc, California for the launch, please take a look at this Explore Lompoc web site. It provides some great information about all the ICESat-2 launch activities that will be happening. We also have an ICESat-2 Launch Outreach page that showcases launch information and a launch party kit. The launch of the ICESat-2 satellite will...

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In the words of Steve Martin "I am a wild and crazy guy"!  I am a recovering wildlife biologist who was suffering at the hands of the all powerful "Man".  My family life was tough, my finances were tougher.  And so I did the one thing I could think of to remedy the situation.  I quit my job as a biologist lackey and joined the ranks of substitute teachers.  Not only did the money not flow like a raging river like I expected, but I found a real gap in the science education of our children.  I started a small business where I began to develop a new approach...

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Arrived at school this morning to find that the surface temp gun and kestrel I ordered from Amazon were waiting for me in my mailbox.   Looking forward to opening the box of items I ordered from Forestry Suppliers - cloud charts and leaf color charts.  Last week I had my students do an intro activity on collecting data in the field - they completed a survey of plant populations in our school courtyards using transects and grids.    

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