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One way to teach students about water quality and/or how scientists go about their work is to share articles with them. Here is a great article entitled " Study Maps Hidden Water Pollution in U.S. Coastal Areas ". This research shows a great example of the use of both NASA satellite data and ground-based data. In this study, the researchers used U.S. topographic data as well as NASA climate models to "identify key inland regions that contribute groundwater and contaminants to the coast. They examined rainfall, evaporation rates and the amount of known surface runoff to...

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Climb a volcano, hike in a rainforest, and search for monkeys at the beach — the expedition itinerary features the essential highlights of Costa Rica while integrating The GLOBE Program protocols, receiving GLOBE certification (if needed) within climate change and educational exchange in the tropics. We begin in the lush lowland rainforest of Selva Verde, continue to Arenal Volcano to discover geological history, and witness the unique coastal biodiversity inhabiting Manuel Antonio National Park. Plus, we’ll enjoy opportunities for cultural exchange with the local communities...

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The  UCAR Center for Science Education  (UCAR SciEd) and BSCS  are developing GLOBE Weather , an innovative, NGSS -based middle school science unit that combines activities, data analysis, and scientific protocols from the  GLOBE Program . This project is funded by NASA and in coordination with the GLOBE Implementation Office. The final curriculum unit will be available (and free!) in 2019. In the 5-week GLOBE Weather curriculum, students will engage with weather data to make sense of interesting real-world phenomena through the BSCS 5E instructional approach ....

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  Learn more about Phase III of the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign HERE!

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