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Hello again! Our GLOBE Technology Working Group is meeting again. This annual meeting is in Estes Park, CO. A great get together with members, students, trainers and country coordinators from around the world (GLOBE)! Here is a spherical panorama of our working group doing the important business of reviewing all our recent work, etc. GLOBE annual meeting (Estes Park, CO), Technology Working Group break out session. Discussing annual progress and challenges. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

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See the latest and greatest satellite imagery of our current El Niño leading up to a potential La Niña! See more HERE!

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GLOBE friends, The Annual Meeting in Colorado is only a few days away! We -the members of the Evaluation Working Group- are really excited about having the opportunity to meet in person again and about having the chance to interact with all of you. Join us for our presentations to see what we have worked on for the past year. Our efforts will be much more targeted and much more effective if you share with us your experience of using GLOBE with your students. We would like to know your success stories, your challenges, your concerns and your suggestions.  At...

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Have you ever wondered why you need to take so much data via the GLOBE Protocols? Are you part of the GLOBE El Niño Campaign. This articled entitled, "El Niño is over, and nearly all the forecasts got it wrong", really hits home with the idea that a global event like El Niño is so unpredictable. So many parts of the environment are being affected it is really hard to predict how each environment will respond to the changes an El Niño event can bring. Read the article HERE!

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If you clicked on a link to this page due to some intriguing headline, I hope you will not be too disappointed. A momentary lapse in judgement inspired me to ask the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) for a Blog tab and now that it is here; it’s been waiting for some content. My intent was to fill this with guest bloggers, U.S. teachers in particular, writing about how they are implementing GLOBE in their classrooms. There weren’t any volunteers. [sad face] Until I can entice a couple of GLOBE teachers, you get me, Jen Bourgeault. I have had the pleasure and honor of being the U.S....

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