DEI Task Force

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force

DEI Task Force Members

Shadrack Agyiri (Ghana) Jill Karsten (USA)
Jennifer Bourgeault (USA) Julie Malmberg (USA)
Katie Chapman (USA) Josette Neal-De-Stanton (USA)
Kimberly Davis (USA) David Padgett (USA)
Mindi DePaola (USA) Richard Parsons (USA)
Francis Emralino (Philippines) Marina Pavlic (Croatia)
Wrayna Fairchild (USA) Ana Prieto (Argentina)
Trena Ferrell (USA) Nate Raynor (USA)
Rosalba Giarratano (USA) Juan Felipe Restrepo Mesa (Colombia)
Kate Goss (USA) Elena Sparrow (USA)
Nikitah Imani (USA) Josephine Joy Tolentino (Philippines)



With the support of GLOBE Program Sponsors from NASA and NSF, in the fall of 2019 the GLOBE DEI Task Force was formed with the goal of creating a GLOBE statement and implementation plan on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In February 2020 the group met in Boulder, Colorado for a DEI workshop, and to begin working on these statements. This group has met monthly ever since to collaboratively produce the draft statements shown below. These statements and action plan were presented to the GLOBE Community at the 2020 Virtual Meeting. A recording of this presentation can be found on the 2020 Virtual Meeting Session Recordings Page

A survey will be soon be sent to the community for feedback on these statements. We want to hear your feedback and encourage you to participant in this survey!

If you have any questions regarding diversity, equity, inclusion and GLOBE or on the draft statements below,  please contact


Please note: All statements and plans written below are currently in draft form


Draft GLOBE DEI Vision and Mission:

Draft Vision: We aim for a just and inclusive pursuit of global education and scientific inquiry. Diversity, Equity and inclusion are recognized and celebrated as being essential for the success of the program, its members, and the global Earth and sciences. GLOBE is a program for people from all backgrounds and identities and we will integrate diverse perspectives through inclusive and equitable practices in our community. It is important that we do recognize ongoing disparities for many communities in this world, as well as the limitations of our framework to address them. We hope to create a welcoming place for all to participate in the research and education of The GLOBE Program.


Draft Mission: Our mission is to empower learners around the world as diverse individuals and promote scientific inquiry, literacy, and action with cultural awareness. We will strive to understand and appreciate the interdependence of humanity, cultures, and the natural environment and promote accountability based on our core values. GLOBE will foster collaborations among diverse individuals and institutions to build and sustain a diverse, just, equitable, and inclusive program.

Draft Definitions: 

Diversity is the collective mixture of visible and invisible differences and similarities that enhance the societal relevance and impact of GLOBE and includes the full spectrum of personal attributes, cultural affiliations, and socioeconomic (or professional) statuses that characterize individuals within society. To achieve diversity, understanding, respect, and appreciation of the interdependence of humanity, cultures, and the natural environment is required. 


Equity is fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all people, with just inclusion in which all can participate, prosper, benefit, and reach their full potential. This means striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups.

Inclusion is ensuring respect of the individual identities and contributions of participants engaged in executing GLOBE’s vision, mission, and strategic priorities and ensuring that GLOBE is a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for all. This involves cultivating a culture of respect, involvement, and empowerment, and promoting and sustaining a sense of belonging.

Draft Action Plan (detailed):

  • Create DEI Working Group
  • Administer DEI Assessments
  • Build a DEI Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Develop DEI based Resources
  • Establish DEI Training Opportunities
  • Form DEI Supportive Partnerships
  • Find funding for DEI
  • Communicate DEI Initiatives


To see translations of the DEI Definitions, Mission, Vision and overview of the Draft Action Plan please Click Here


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