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The first GLOBE measurements date from Spring 1995.  Any updates to GLOBE protocols and instrument specifications have been made so as to preserve the intercomparability of data over the life of each data set.  GLOBE data are all made freely available to everyone. 

Visualizing and retrieving data are the easiest way to explore GLOBE data. The capability provided includes various maps, graphs, and data tables. Users may download data for use in their own analysis systems.  Researchers interested in obtaining large sets of GLOBE data beyond the capabilities of the tools on the website should contact GLOBE at

data entry

Data Entry

GLOBE Data can be entered in several ways:


Visualize and Retrieve Data

GLOBE provides the ability to view and interact with data measured across the world. Select our visualization tool to map, graph, filter and export data that have been measured across GLOBE protocols since 1995. 

Science Honor Roll

The GLOBE Science Honor Roll recognizes the data contributions of GLOBE students and schools.