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2015 GLOBE Games in Czech Republic
The 2015 GLOBE Games were held from 28-31 May 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic at Kunratice Elementary School.  >>

GLOBE Welcomes Brazil as Newest Partnering Country
Brazilian Space Agency President José Raimundo Braga Coelho and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden signed an agreement on 30 June 2015.  >>

June 2015 Letter to the Community
June 2015 Letter to the Community  >>

June 2015 News Brief
June 2015 News Brief  >>

Last Day to Register for the Annual Meeting - 03 July 2015
The 19th Annual GLOBE Partner meeting is quickly approaching. If you plan on attending, make sure to register by 03 July 2015.  >>

NASA Opportunities for Students
NASA encourages students to engage all sorts of challenging activities and competitions to expand their minds through creativity, innovation and attention to detail, the same hallmarks of spaceflight. Read about several opportunities currently being offered in science, 3D modeling and film making, for US and International students.  >>

May-2015 Letter to the Community
May-2015 Letter to the Community  >>

May 2015 News Brief
May 2015 News Brief  >>

NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Mission Begins Science Operations
SMAP data will eventually reveal how soil moisture conditions are changing over time in response to climate and how this impacts regional water availability.  >>