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GLOBE Technology - Helping You Help Your Community
Every week, the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) technology team and our technology partners Raytheon Web Services make refinements to improve the functionality of the GLOBE website in order to make your online experience more enjoyable. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for several new features and trainings.  >>

Website Maintenance Alert: GLOBE Website to be Temporarily Offline 20 April
The semi-annual systems shutdown for GLOBE Data Center maintenance is scheduled for Saturday, 20 April 2013. This will involve temporarily shutting down the GLOBE website as well as the training site.  >>

Deadline Extended for GLOBE Virtual Student Conference
The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) has extended the deadline for submissions for the GLOBE Virtual Student Conference to coincide with Earth Day and GLOBE's birthday. Submit your entry today and you might win a GLOBE prize … it's that easy.  >>

All the News in One Place - Read the April GLOBE Newsletter
Keep up with what's happening at GLOBE.  >>

Reminder: GLOBE SCRC Webinar Today with Dr. Sarah Tessendorf
Scientist Skills: Presenting Your Results -- For GLOBE community members who are new to conducting scientific research, this webinar will focus on presenting your results and will address types of scientific presentations and tips on how to create and give a scientific presentation, from a scientist's perspective.  >>

GLOBE Welcomes Jennifer Bourgeault as U.S. Country Coordinator
The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) announces the appointment of long-time partner, scientist and teacher, Jennifer Bourgeault, as GLOBE Country Coordinator for the United States of America.  >>

Community Spotlight: John McLaughlin
This month the Community Spotlight is on John McLaughlin, Education Program Manager at the NOAA Office of Education in Washington D.C. McLaughlin is a long-time friend of GLOBE Program Office (GPO) staff and GLOBE partners around the world.  >>

All the News in One Place - Read the Latest GLOBE Newsletter
Keep up with what's happening at GLOBE. Click here  >>

Thanks to Those Who Entered the Earth Day Video Competition
The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) wants to thank the entire GLOBE community for joining this year's Earth Day video competition. As you know, the video competition to highlight students demonstrating how participating in GLOBE has enabled or inspired them to improve the environment of their home, school or local community.  >>

GLOBE Technology Continues Website Enhancements
Upgrades, advances and new tools have been added to the GLOBE website in the last few weeks that the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) wants you to be aware of and use.  >>