U.S. National Assessment Governing Board Quarterly Meeting/Webcast 17 November: “Thinking Beyond Borders: The Future of Student Assessment”
What are the current trends in international assessments and how can they inform us about U.S. testing and measurement? What are nations considering as they look toward the future? How will these trends connect to future National Assessment of Educational Progress (NEAP)? On 17 November, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET, the National Assessment Governing Board’s quarterly meeting in Washington, D.C., USA, will feature a panel of world-renowned assessment experts at “Thinking Beyond Borders: The Future of Student Assessment.”  >>

Keep up with the Latest Community Blogs – Share Your GLOBE Story!
Have you been keeping up with what’s going on in the GLOBE community? A great place to start is the new Community Blog! As a vital part of the GLOBE community, you are cordially invited to blog on the GLOBE website. Respectfully voice your opinion, ask questions, share tips and tidbits – and make meaningful connections with members of the community today!  >>

U.S. Community: 2018 Student Research Symposia Webinar 14 November: “Writing Good Research Questions”
SRS Webinar: “Writing Good Research Questions” will be held on Tuesday, 14 November, at 7:00 p.m. ET. During the webinar, Dr. Michael Jabot, Northeast SRS Lead, will lead a discussion on supporting students in writing good research questions.  >>

GLOBE Community: Need a Project Collaborator? Find One Today – Collaboration Made Easy!
Tip of the Week: Need a Project Collaborator? Then visit the GLOBE website and use this handy tool to find GLOBE community members who are interested in collaborating on GLOBE projects, protocols, and/or other activities!  >>

GLOBE Europe and Eurasia! Join the Water Quality Discussion During the Phase III ENSO Campaign Webinar 14 November: “Water Quality in Europe”
What is the quality of water in the environment? The next Phase III GLOBE ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Student Research Campaign (SRC) science and research webinar will seek to answer this question – and other water quality questions. The webinar, “Water Quality in Europe,” will be held on 14 November at 2:30 p.m. EST (19:30 p.m. UTC).  >>

Apply to be a NOAA Planet Steward Today – Deadline to Submit Application is 27 November
Apply to be a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Planet Stewards today. Educators selected to join the Stewardship Community will be eligible to apply for mini-grant funding up to $2,500.00 to develop and carry out an environmental stewardship project.  >>

GLOBE DIS Team Receives NASA Group Achievement Award
Congratulations to the GLOBE Data Information System (DIS) team! Their dedication to enhancing and improving The GLOBE Program has been acknowledged by NASA with a Group Achievement Award “for exceptional achievement in effective utilization of Internet and commercial technologies and for expanding use of mobile citizen-science applications.”  >>

GLOBE U.S. Partners: NOAA Announces 2018 Environmental Literacy Grants Funding Opportunity – Teleconference 21 November
The NOAA Office of Education has issued a competitive funding opportunity for projects designed to support the education of the public and/or K-12 students so they are knowledgeable of the ways in which their community can become more resilient to extreme weather events and/or other environmental hazards, and become involved in achieving that resilience.  >>

GLOBE Members Update Your Profile Images
The GLOBE Website's redesign was completed on 06 November 2017. Besides new features and an updated look and feel, GLOBE Program members will see updates to their My Pages, and as such The GLOBE Program is asking each member to update their profile image.  >>

U.S. High School Students and Educators: Microgravity University for Educators Invites You to Design, Build, and Test Devices in NASA’s Unique Facilities – First Information Session 09 November!
Microgravity University for Educators (MgUE) invites teams of U.S. educators and high school students to solve technical problems by designing, building, and testing devices in NASA's unique facilities at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The deadline for 2018 proposals is 13 December 2017.  >>