Enterprise Elementary School, Cocoa, FL, United States

While many young people were heading for the beach, a group of dedicated GLOBE students in Cocoa, Florida went back to school in June to share their GLOBE experiences with a group of visiting Swedish teachers.

The Swedish educators traveled to Florida to learn about opportunities for using the Internet in distance learning. GLOBE teacher Ms. Brenda Dibler organized a mini-workshop for the visitors. She provided an overview of the GLOBE Program and her students demonstrated how to conduct GLOBE protocols. The students also showed their guests how to submit data using the GLOBE web site.

The visiting teachers expressed great interest in joining GLOBE and admiration for the work of the GLOBE students at Enterprise Elementary School. "It's a way of letting children see for themselves how to check the factors in their environment and the consequences of change," Dr. Eilert Hornberg of Uppsala, Sweden told a reporter for Florida Today. "It's a wonderful way to learn."

04 August 1998


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