Rural Hall Elementary School, Rural Hall, NC, United States

At Rural Hall Elementary School in Rural Hall, NC, kids are begging GLOBE teacher Linda McDermon to make and report GLOBE measurements. "The kids in computer club and the kids who live close by just love coming in the summer and doing their GLOBE measurements," McDermon said. "Kids drop by my house or we'll meet at the pond. And they beg to have extra time to do the different protocols."

Nearly the entire school is involved in GLOBE one way or another. For example, fourth grade teacher Beverly Leonard and her students concentrate on hydrology protocols, and the third grade will soon be adding soil protocols.

McDermon runs a computer club after school, where many kids of different ages are involved in GLOBE and in producing the school's web site. The computer club has added special GLOBE pages to their web site (

"GLOBE brings math, science, and computers together in a natural way that children can understand. It helps them in their learning because they work in groups. And no group is too young," says McDermon. "We have the kindergartners ready to go out and dig!"

14 September 1998





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