Escuela Provincial No. 38 Julio Argentina Roca, an Argentine-hosted GLOBE School in Antarctica, Esperanza, Argentina

Working on fields of ice and snow under the watchful eye of a flock of penguins, students in Antarctica are working hard to keep scientists updated on environmental conditions near the South Pole. A dozen students, whose Argentine parents work at a science observation site at the southern tip of the planet, attend the "Escuela N38" performing GLOBE protocols under the guidance of teacher Luis Alberto Brusasca.

"The students enjoy GLOBE very much because they can analyze real data to verify what they read about in the classroom," said Mr. Brusasca. "It enables us to know and understand the climatic conditions here. And it's one subject we can study outdoors, except when the winds get very high -- they can reach 110 knots!."

"I like GLOBE work" said eight year old Paola,"especially when we walk several kilometers on the ice pack to reach the unfrozen area of the sea and take water samples."

"I love GLOBE work because when we do it, I feel like a scientist," said 12 year old Paula, who hopes to be a biologist some day.

"This is a magic place," said 12 year old Cecilia. "To watch the ways of the penguins and other birds here is to really discover a different world; the great noise of icebergs breaking off, the blend of strange colors at sunrise. This place contains big questions that I can answer in part by myself with my own studies."

30 March 1999


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