Highlighting School Data: Schools Submitting Greatest Number of Measurements in Regions

Students worldwide have submitted over 17 million measurements to the GLOBE database and this number is constantly growing. The GLOBE Program Office applauds students for their extraordinary efforts to report the data they gather for their research projects. Students from the following schools have earned special recognition for having reported the greatest number of measurements in their regions.

Europe and Eurasia
1. Ferences Gimnazium Szentendre, Hungary 278,855
2. Mittelschule Elsterberg Elsterberg, Germany 273,084
3. Vang barne-og Ungdomsskule Valdres, Norway 114,653
North America
1. Norfork Elementary School Norfork, Arkansas, US 187,957
2. WANAKA Field Station Milton, Vermont, US 107,113
3. Waynesboro High School Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, US 89,842
Asia and the Pacific
1. Suanmon School Nakornrajasima, Thailand 44,945
2. Banyangsung Kanchanaburi, Thailand 36,573
3. Public Hikijidai Junior High Kanagawa, Japan 24,656
Latin America and the Caribbean
1. Escuela de Ensenanza Media 7 "Nicolas Copernico" Buenos Aires, Argentina 29,126
2. Escuela Rural de Niebla Valdivia, Chile 23,989
3. Universidad Tecnologica de Nezahualcóyotl Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico 18,240
1. Primarschule Trittenbach Taegerwilen, Togo 30,572
2. CEG 1 Lokossa Lokossa, Benin 22,809
3. CEG 1 Natitingou Ataco, Benin 22,597
Near East
1. Hamzah Bin Abdulmatalib Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 28,248
2. King Saud Complex Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 17,188
3. Al- Masaudi Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 15,824


Congratulations to all GLOBE students and teachers for their achievements in researching and reporting scientific data. Keep up the great work!

26 September 2007


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