Stars and STEM Stories


GLOBE Reaches Great Heights in Nepal
More than 80 teachers, scientists and educators from eight Asia-Pacific countries came together at the GLOBE International Teacher Training Workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal to learn how to teach students program protocols and how the earth works as a system.  >>
Oberstufenzentrum Egelsee, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
The sun stirs the clouds and the wind. But as GLOBE students in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland are learning firsthand, it also has the power to light the night and run computers. Students at the GLOBE school Oberstufenzentrum Egelsee, with help from students from a nearby technical institute, recently installed 90 solar panels on the school rooftop.  >>
Wainwright Elementary, El Paso, TX and Jamestown Elementary, Arlington, VA, US
If you were driving across the southern tier of the United States recently, you might have seen a young couple on a bright red bicycle built for two festooned with yellow gear bags peddling from Santa Barbara, California to Arlington, Virginia.  >>
Young GLOBE Teachers Take Off with Hands On
A trio of GLOBE teachers, just completing their student-teaching stints, may be revolutionizing science education in a corner of the country. Tina Allen, Jenifer Burnes and Jesus Sustaita are keenly motivated to spark interest in science and technology in their home of Yakima Valley in eastern Washington. It is a rural area with high minority and migrant populations, where schools have few resources and where Bill Gates and the technology centers on the other side of the mountains in Seattle seem a world away.  >>
Reynolds Jr Sr High School, Greenville, PA, United States
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these GLOBE students from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Originally said about Persian message couriers in 500 B.C. and made famous by the U.S. postal service, that paraphrase suits the GLOBE students of Reynolds Junior/Senior High School in Greenville, PA.  >>
New Partners for Diversity and Outreach
Top educators from Howard University in Washington DC and Norfolk University in Virginia met recently at GLOBE headquarters to sign on as partners of the Program to commemorate Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week.  >>
Earthly Poetry
GLOBE students from six countries have contributed poems and essays to a book on the importance of clean air. This work is part of the United Air Fund, a Dutch initiative on worldwide CO2 management.  >>
Presidential Awards for GLOBE Teachers
The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the White House recently honored nine GLOBE teachers with one of this country's most prestigious teaching awards: The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  >>
University of Alaska at Fairbanks
There is constant activity, and respect for the value of different cultures and long-distance learning, at GLOBE's franchise at the University of Alaska - Fairbanks this summer. The northernmost US partnership held a Train-the-Trainer workshop and a regular Teacher Training workshop in the space of a few weeks. Also, as prominently noted in the local newspaper, Franchise Coordinator Elena Sparrow won a million-dollar grant to conduct additional training that will link GLOBE studies with "Native ways of knowledge."  >>
Lexington, Kentucky Students Study Washington, D.C.
At the foot of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington DC, and with U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell attending, GLOBE students from the Glendover Global Studies School this summer advanced their study of soils and clouds. In a ideal lesson for students whose home are has many farms, GLOBE principal Investigator Dr. Elissa Levine demonstrated the proper taking of soil samples from the Capitol grounds and explained the value of knowing about local soil types and moisture level.  >>