23rd Annual Meeting Planning Team

23rd Annual Meeting Planning Team


  • David Bydlowski, Wayne County RESA (with June Teisan, Michigan Teacher of the Year Network)
  • Kevin Czajkowski, University of Toledo (with Janet Struble, University of Toledo)

International Organizing Committee:

  • Yaqoub Albulushi, Oman
  • David Bydlowski, USA
  • Claudia Caro, Peru
  • Katie Chapman, GIO
  • Kevin Czajkowski, USA
  • Pay-Liam Lin, Taiwan Partnership
  • Charles Maina, Kenya
  • Julie Malmberg, GIO
  • Kevin O'Connor, Canada
  • Anthony Purcell, Ireland
  • John Ristvey, GIO
  • Janet Struble, USA
  • Andrea Ventoso, Uruguay
  • Lyn Wigbels, GIO

GLOBE Implementation Office and UCAR Planning:

  • Roller Angel, Technology and Community Support
  • Jorge Arias, Technology and Community Support
  • Amy Barfield, Student Experience and Science Protocols
  • Jenna Breidegam, Safety and Security
  • Katie Chapman, Logistics
  • Megan Delaney, Administrator 
  • Emma Hagan, Administrative Support
  • Janet Heiderer, Communications
  • Eslam Khair, Technology and Community Support
  • Julia Lee, Administrative Support
  • Julie Malmberg, Annual Meeting Lead
  • Tony Murphy, GIO Director
  • Sarah Parsons, Meeting Support
  • John Ristvey, IOC Lead
  • Bob Wiley, Safety and Security