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Web Tutorials - Using the GLOBE Website

Welcome to the web tutorial section of the GLOBE website.  The resources on these pages are here to help you understand, and work with, the various parts of the GLOBE website.

The GLOBE website is made up of several specialized areas that allow you to engage, collaborate, and educate, as well as to enter and interact with scientific data. Each area is listed on the right. Click on an item to see a video and/or to download step-by-step guides. 

Try the "cheat sheet" for quick links to most commonly used capabilities. Try the "Navigation Challenge" to learn where everything is on the site.

Be sure to take a look at the growing set of GLOBE Website Tutorials in the FAQs.

Tutorials cover the main areas of the site, including:

  • GLOBE Data User Guide, to help scientists and researchers understand, access, and use available GLOBE data.

  • GLOBE Data Fundamentals, a webinar that allows one to understand how to access GLOBE data and includes a demonstration of the various tools.

  • The main GLOBE website, which allows you to engage in The GLOBE Program, as well as to collaborate and access training and educational resources.

  • The Data Entry System, which allows you to enter scientific data that school organizations have collected.

  • The Visualization, Data Retrieval System and REST API Service, which provides tools for interacting with and retrieving scientific data that has been entered by trained community members that belong to school organizations.

Here are some additional quick links to useful documents:

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