Bridging to the Amazon

Tomorrow I will bridge to the LA Zoo at least by using their handouts with data capture on our campus.

I am setting up by research teams by tables by teacher classroom.  They love their recorders and soon will add taking the room temperature into their own research area collected by investigative team/table 1-5.  They will be exploring predictions, measurements, fractions, parts, wholes and sums or averages, maps, map making and breathing like the lungs of the planet while we learn words like canopy, bionome, humus, serpentine to describe maps and reading symbols, signs, and new words.

They are doing a new kind of academic work in the context of VAPA with breath, solfege, movements, and their recorders as well as reading notes or making notes.

Lines and squiggles, dots, and icons are now coming into view as well as inputting info by clicking (toggle on or off) or by spelling a word with wiggling fingers.

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