For pupils studying to become Chemistry technicians we decided to connect learning of clouds with History.  These pupils were asked to find old postcards of our hometown, determine the current location shown in the postcard and establish the type of a cloud.

Eleven chemistry technicians pupils were using postcards from the past and got a chance to see their hometown from the begining of the 20th century (postcards dated from 1902. to 1935.) while practising determination of the clouds. They were suprised how little some of the town parts have changed (Zadar waterfront), and some of the locations they hardly recognised (Uvala Vrulje and Voštarnica postcards). Importantly, this was shown as an effective tool for introduction to clouds. In summary, GLOBE program has many points of contact with subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and even Latin, and is integrating with their curiculums. In this exercise are shown possibilities to connect GLOBE program with History.





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