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Nowadays a very important aspect in education is to work in collaboration with other schools and students. It is important to do good planning and set dates for different collaboration activities. The GLOBE Program provides the opportunity to connect students from all over the world and to work collaboratively with another school. In several schools this methodology of teaching and communication is being carried out. The experience of participating in collaborative work is very important and one of the points to keep in mind is the connection between the teachers to organize it. ...

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Just when you think that perhaps the weather systems are settling down- our amazing scientific instruments are able to detect a potential change! I never cease to be amazed at what we are able to learn about Earth's systems- both from the ground and from space!  This article from the New York Times just came across my newsfeed- " It's Like it Never Left: Another El Nino May be on the Way ". In the article, it states that " Among the potential effects are wetter conditions across the southern United States, including Southern California; a drier Midwest; and drought in parts...

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