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Waheeda Hussain

Waheeda Hussain

Nineteen-year-old Wajeeha Hussain, GLOBE Alumni Coordinator for the Near East+North Africa Region, has been involved in the GLOBE program since 2004. At a young age she became interested in environmental issues and saw GLOBE as way to work on behalf of the environment. She repeatedly participated in her local GLOBE Science Fair and took first place for her project "Ma'ameer Surrounded." She also played a leadership role in the GLOBE Green Walk for several years. Ms. Hussain has participated in Train the Trainers workshops as a trainer for GLOBE protocols. In addition, she participated in a regional GLOBE conference in State of Qatar as well as an international GLOBE event, the GLE in South Africa.

"I remain involved with GLOBE because it is a global environmental program that allows students to communicate with scientists and to discuss environmental issues with them," writes Wajeeha. "In addition, GLOBE is not just about science and environment. It is also a path for knowing cultures and practicing leadership. GLOBE has an impact on society by raising more environmental awareness." As an example, Ms. Hussain points to a civic campaign against the use of plastic bags that was organized by GLOBE office in Bahrain.

The GLOBE Program Office commends the dedicated contributions of Ms. Wajeeha Hussain and all her co-workers among the GLOBE Alumni network


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