GLOBE Data User Guide

GLOBE Data User Guide

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To discover all the various ways to use GLOBE data, download the GLOBE Data User Guide (PDF) (version 2.0, effective 30 December 2022).

Learn how to access and interpret GLOBE data with this Data User Guide. Inside, members can find appendices on GLOBE's associated metadata, the types of variables available for download, primers on our different protocols and more.

GLOBE data is collected and submitted by GLOBE-trained teachers, students and citizen scientists. GLOBE also collects additional data from automated weather stations and individual data loggers. Through the hard work of these participants, over 200 million measurements have been logged into GLOBE archives and made available for public use.

Version 1.0 of the Data User Guide is available for reference.

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2021-05-28 Filter by Teams Available

GLOBE's Advanced Data Access Tool (ADAT) and API (ElasticSearch) now support the ability to find measurements by GLOBE team name.

With the API, you will need to know the exact spelling of the team name. A new search by feature can be seen on the API landing page -

Find measurements by protocol, measured date range and GLOBE team name.

With ADAT the new Teams search is available under the site filters: School/Teacher/Partner/Team. This filter supports an auto fill capability. Begin typing the name of the team and then select from the provided list.

Since the teams capability is relatively recent, no data will be returned associated with a GLOBE team prior to 2019.

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