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What are the impacts of extreme events, like Hurricane Harvey, on the water quality? This article from the Smithsonian magazine describes multiple ways in which public health officials are responding to several threats facing residents of Houston and surrounding locations. These threats include the impact of mold, the potential of an increase in vector-borne diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus, and the problems of contaminants left behind in the public water supply.  Have you experienced severe flooding in your region that resulted in problems with water quality?  ...

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It is pretty neat when you can get two for the price of one- as most teachers can attest to with regard to trying to get everything into their curriculum. Did you know that this year, the FIRST LEGO League's challenge is focused on water. And what could be better, as that water is also the theme of this year's ENSO Student Research Campaign !  The LEGO Challenge Project states: "People use water every day, but they don’t think much about how and why they use water. Whether it’s directly (drinking or washing) or indirectly (manufacturing the products they use or producing food or...

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Blog originally posted on The GLOBE Scientists' Blog: This week we are beginning our Full Length Mississippi series, and we will team back up with Mike Link and Kate Crawley.  Link and Crawley highlighted pieces of their Full Circle Superior journey with the GLOBE Scientists’ Blog last year through a series of posts, the first of which you can read here .  They are starting on a new adventure and commitment to the issue of fresh water: a...

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Lane Community College will be embarking on a comprehensive water quality study for Russel Creek Watershed.  It owns property near the headwaters of the creek and it passes through sensitive wetlands that LCC also owns.  We will monitor water quality monthly upstream and downstream from the campus as instruments are acquired.  Russel Creek is an ephemeral stream.  First measurements 12-07-12 at the upstream sampling site near the LCC Learning Garden (our SWS-06 site).  

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