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Earth Day is International
In addition to celebrations all across the United States, Earth Day events took place in a variety of other GLOBE countries such as Croatia, Benin and the United Kingdom...  >>
Downingtown Middle School, Downingtown, PA, United States
GLOBE students in Downington Middle School realize that they can make significant contributions to science - locally, regionally, and globally! After a special kick-off ceremony with local and federal elected officials, the GLOBE students have begun diligently collecting and reporting data for use in their own research projects as well as by professional scientists.  >>
International College Edith Stein
Serving as ambassadors for the GLOBE Program, students from International College Edith Stein in The Netherlands recently participated in an international gathering of professionals devoted to the preservation and enhancement of the global water environment. On March 21, the students shared their contributions to monitoring the world's water bodies with participants representing 155 countries at the the World Water Forum in The Hague.  >>
Palomino Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ, United States
Students at Gold Dust and Palomino Elementary Schools in Phoenix are actively engaged in research - both locally and globally! By faithfully making GLOBE measurements, and using features of the GLOBE Web site like GLOBEMail, these students are studying local environmental conditions and reaching-out to GLOBE students in other countries to expand their knowledge.  >>
Middleport Elementary School, Middleport, NY, United States
GLOBE students at Middleport Elementary School in New York are living examples of what teamwork can accomplish. Students with a wide range of physical and learning challenges and abilities are working cooperatively to learn about their local environment and share their observations through the GLOBE Web site.  >>
Badger Road Elementary, North Pole, AK, United States
With a brief growing season, a widely-changing solar noon, extreme temperatures, and many discreet microclimates, Alaska can be an interesting but challenging place to make GLOBE measurements and observations. GLOBE Students at the Badger Road School in North Pole, AK are rising to the challenge.  >>
Realschule Cuxhaven, Cuxhaven, Germany
GLOBE students in Cuxhaven Germany are truly taking a "global" approach to their environmental studies. Since the summer of 1999, the Realschule Cuxhaven has been is in contact with researchers at three South Pole scientific stations - learning about the life and climate conditions 13,839 km away.  >>
GLOBE Stars in Canada
An Australian school teacher on an exchange program in Canada is going to be about as far away from home as is possible this Earth Day. Peter Hardy, a GLOBE Teacher currently at St. Patrick High School in Yellowknife, Canada, is participating in a special expedition that will take him to isolated villages in the cold, snowy upper reaches of Canada to recruit and train GLOBE schools.  >>
Philippine Science High School Western Visayas, Iloilo City, Philippines
GLOBE students at Philippine Science High School Western Visayas in Iloilo City didn't want to wait for their weather station to arrive to start making and reporting observations. Eager to get started, they contacted scientists at the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) and got permission to establish a GLOBE study site and report data using their instrumentation site until the school has its own.  >>
Kingsburg High School, Kingsburg, CA, United States
GLOBE schools at the far reaches of the western and eastern regions of the United States are linking up in a cross-country study of local biomes. Using the GLOBE protocols as their guide and Internet and satellite technologies as their link, students from Kingsburg High School in California conducted field experiments and gathered data from sites in Yosemite National Park while GLOBE Students from Pikeview High School collected field data from Pipestem State Park.  >>