July 2015 GLOBE News Brief

Image of the Week

Arial photo of the LA freeway system.

On the road to the GLOBE Annual Meeting in Los Angeles

The 19th GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting takes place in Los Angeles from 19 through 24 July and that's less than a week away! We're expecting more than 200 participants from 33 countries to join us there.

For the GLOBE Community, the Annual Meeting is our opportunity to reunite, learn about the latest developments in The GLOBE Program, and reignite our enthusiasm for the valuable work we do. This year, a special Student Research Experience, at the Wrigley Marine Research Center on Catalina Island, promises to be a wonderful learning experience for our 60 student participants. We can't wait to get started.

Every Annual Meeting is a coordinated effort between our hosts, the Organizing Committee, and our staff at the GLOBE Implementation Office. It's a team effort! Because we're so busy, we don't have our regular News Brief for you this month; only this brief update and a reminder that you'll be able to follow along with what's happening in LA next week on Facebook and Twitter.

Safe travels to everyone heading to Los Angeles!

The News Brief will be back next month.