Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023

GLOBE for All: Connecting Our Community

Earth Day marks the 28th Anniversary of The GLOBE Program. Come celebrate with GLOBE! Visit this page the day before Earth Day on 21 April at 9 a.m. MDT (3 p.m. UTC) for GLOBE's annual Earth Day broadcast.

Find out what time the stream starts in each area.


Earth Day Broadcast

To interact live with the GLOBE Implementation Office and other GLOBE community members during the premier, watch the GLOBE Earth Day broadcast on GLOBE's YouTube channel.


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Earth Day events this year will feature:

  • Opening acknowledgements 
  • Welcome address from GLOBE leaders
  • Highlights from the GLOBE Regional Country Coordinators
  • Remarks from GLOBE's sponsors
  • Contributions from last year's GLOBE Vloggers and welcoming this year's cohort
  • Background on the Land Cover protocol from The GLOBE Program's app, GLOBE Observer
  • A look into GLOBE's Agents of Change
  • A sneak peak into the GLOBE 2023 Annual Meeting
  • IVSS Student Drawing 
  • Closing remarks from the GLOBE team

Earth Day and GLOBE Celebrations Around the World

Check out each region below to explore GLOBE Earth Day celebration events around the world: 

Country Event Dates Point of Contact 
The Gambia  Earth Day Cleanup 21 - 22 April  Buba Temba
Botswana Creating awareness of our stewardship of the natural resources 22 April Lesole Susepo
RCO Earth Day Lecture by Dr John Francis 17 April Mark Brettenny


Country  Event  Dates  Point of Contact

  Earth Day - 2023 Poster Competition

 Click here to see Posters entries 

 22th April'23  Desh Bandhu

B. C. M. Arya Model Sr. Sec. School

Kindergarten - (LKG, UKG, Nursery)

  • Clay molding activity ( make tree, bird, animal)
  • Awareness on Home Composting 

Primary-   ( classes 2nd  to 5th )

  • Creative flag-making with Earth Day quotes
  • Environment wreath using branches, twigs, artificial flowers 
  • Best out of waste     

Middle- (Class 6th to 8th)

  • poster on Home Composting/ Segregation    Of wastes 
  • Make Nature s Craft using twigs, Branches, cones, bark 
  • Collagre on 7 R  Sustainability 

Senior- (Class 9th & 10th)

  • leaf imprints on an A3 size sheet (Connect to  Nature) 
  • Make bird water bowl/ bird nest       
22th April'23   Vipra Kale
Country Event Dates Point of Contact
Italy Science Leraning Expedition - Italian and Slovenian students meet in Gorizia and Nova Gorica 20-21 April
Ireland Mini GLOBE Games week after the Earth Day Maya Fields
Armenia Creation of ecological passport   Gayane Melkonyan  
North Macedonia Competition for schools in Skopje   Ana Dimishkova
Switzerland Webinar with experts (hydrology, phenology) the week before the Earth Day Eric Christoph Wyss
Malta - Gozo

Clean Up Day organized together with the local municipality.

1st Science Fair linked to Air Quality Campaign, students attending a panel with the Minister for Gozo.

27 April


29 April

Ramona Mercieca
Slovak Republic Event in the Bratislava city park intended to public (focus on hydrobilology)   Jana Menkynova  

1. Environmental Forum on the Consequences of Hydroos and Ecosystem Restoration Planning for teachers and, maybe, pupils.

2. Courses-training of practical ecology teachers.

3. Landing of trees, shrubs to update the ecosystem.

4. Remove garbage in areas where there are no fighting.

  Alina Shekhovtsova
Country Event Dates Point of Contact
RCO Winner of the contest: Create the logo for the campaign "Trees within LAC". Webinar 3 of the campaign. Earth Day video. 20 April Mariana Savino
Argentina GLOBE Argentina contest with the U.S. Embassy: Video tutorial on the GLOBE Observer clouds application. Cloud observation and data submission campaign. 10 April Marta Kingsland
Argentina Field day. Atmosphere and biosphere protocols. 20 April Fernanda Kielmanowicz
Brazil GLOBE Photograph Contest for the Earth Day. Earth Day Webinar. 24 April Aline Bessa Veloso
Guatemala Motivational talks. Educational forums. Recycling projects. Reforestation projects. Cleanup campaigns. Awareness campaigns. Art project with recycled materials and resources. Elaboration of informative murals. School garden projects. Gardening projects for common spaces. 17-21 April Celeste Mary Belle Silva Duarte
Panama Exhibitions of murals. Drawing contest. Cleanup days. 21 April Hector Solis
Paraguay Ben's Fest - Earth Day edition (experiments related to soil, observation of larvae following the mosquito protocol and conclude with a concert). 21 April Elida Moreno
Uruguay Cloud observation. 21 April Gimena Rodriguez
Country Event Dates Point of Contact


 A training workshop was held aiming to update the GLOBE protocols to enrich the school teachers with GLOBE activities and to be integrated or implemented within the schools as extra-curricular activities.   

3 April 2023

Manal M Al-Saleh, Kuwait CC

Saudi Arabia: A training course was held for teachers and students
Training on atmospheric protocols (temperature and humidity) and soil protocols (alkaline and acidic) soils in the program, in addition to the method of entering school data on the site
around the country
  Student participation in research presentation

Abdullah Obaidullah Al-Thobaiti 


 Celebrated through presenting GLOBE games based on each academic subject and developed games help in the teaching process where students will increase their competencies.  Furthermore, teachers worked on development of activities elaborating new ideas and games that help students to learn through games.


Kings Academy Schools celebrate Earth Day. The Globe program was opened in the school and disseminated through training on some of the temperature protocols, weather, clouds, soil and quantities
  rain water



11 March 2023


12 Marche 



Reem Dahnus & RCO


Nahed Ajlouni



 Implemented teachers and students training workshops

4 training workshops and taking measurements of soil, water and weather temperatures
In (Ajman, Sharjah, Khorfakan) for a group of schools

5-8 march 2023

 Bahia Mohamed ali Shehab




 Celebrated through the “GREEN March”

Presentations،Measurements for vegetation protocols
Clouds and rain
acidic and alkaline soils

28 March 2023

Shayma .Al Hakoor


  • celebrated by engaging new school with grade eight students who presented a research project to talk about the earthquakes and the earth tectonic plates.  

29- 30 March 2923

Siham Salman 

The  trainers were touring on the Oman schools aiming to discuss the Earth day event. The schools was celebrate and document their activities through videos and photos and sharing with the RCO

  Ahmed Moosa Al Balushi
Qatar    under the titled "Hassan Bin Thabit Scientific Excellence (1st Edition: Illustrated Environmental Experiments)" as part of the GLOBE Environmental Program, which is organized by the Educational Supervision Administration at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The competition aimed at promoting a spirit of constructive competition and challenge among students by conducting an experiment to measure the pH of the soil in the school garden, determining the appropriate agricultural crops for cultivation based on the results, recording a video, and sending it to the organizing school.  March, 2023 and Lamyah Al-Hayki


Country Event Dates Point of Contact
United States NASA's Earth Day Event at Union Station: As part of NASA's Earth Day events at Union Station in Washington D.C. GLOBE will present a number of hands on activities for any age participant. Stop by any time between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm to take part and earn a NASA book bag. If you can't attend in person then visit us virtually on April 20th at ( to hear various NASA speakers and gain access to a variety of activities.

20 - 21 April  Todd Toth
United States

Midwest GLOBE Student Research Symposium: Educators, students, U.S. Partners, scientists and alumni from the Midwest region are invited to gather and discuss GLOBE student research projects at the Midwest Student Research Symposium (SRS). This event will include poster presentations of student research, an opportunity to meet and talk with scientists and STEM professionals, professional development for educators, and networking and collaboration opportunities for all participants.


21 - 23 April  US GLOBE Coordination Office
United States

Northwest GLOBE Student Research Symposium: Educators, students, U.S. Partners, scientists and alumni from the Northwest region are invited to gather and discuss GLOBE student research projects at the Northwest Student Research Symposium (SRS). This event will include poster presentations of student research, an opportunity to meet and talk with scientists and STEM professionals, professional development for educators, and networking and collaboration opportunities for all participants.


24 - 25 April US GLOBE Coordination Office


GLOBE Earth Day Activity 

To celebrate Earth Day 2023, GLOBE is encouraging students and teachers to participate in an Earth Day Activity using GLOBE protocols. 

Learn more about this year's Earth Day Activity

GLOBE "Agents of Change" Documentary Series Premier

Celebrate Earth Day with the premier of GLOBE's "Agents of Change" documentary series! This series explores the impact GLOBE students are having around the world. Each video focuses on a different GLOBE region and highlights how the community is implementing GLOBE's mission.

Watch the trailer below:

Ahmed Moosa Al Balushi


"Agents of Change" Viewing Guide

To complement the release of The GLOBE Program's recently completed "Agents of Change" documentary series, GLOBE invites you to celebrate Earth Day by watching all six episodes on the GLOBE YouTube channel and sharing the videos with your community.

Watch the complete Agents of Change series.

Note: Teachers can find a viewing guide with questions to spark discussions about the individual videos, and a list of protocols used in each one, on the Agents of Change page.

Earth Day with NASA

Important: Access to some of NASA’s broadcasts requires prior registration. Register now for NASA's Earth Day Event

Earth Day provides a chance for NASA to reach various audiences, from people who are already well aware of NASA’s activities in Earth and climate science, to those being introduced to the festivities for the first time. This year, NASA's Earth Day celebration will include both virtual events to celebrate all the wonders of the Earth. 

In-person Event

Date: 20-21 April 2023
Time: 9:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. ET Daily 
Location: Union Station, Main Hall, Washington, DC

In-person Earth Day Celebration Agenda

  • Passport to Fun
  • Hands-On Activities and Demos
  • Trivia
  • Photo Ops
  • Science Stories
  • Take-Home Kit

Note: The in-person Earth Day celebration is free and open to the public.

Virtual Event

Date: 20 April 2023
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 2:50 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. to 11:50 p.m. PT)
Registration: Register on the NASA website 

Virtual Earth Day Celebration Agenda

Learn more about this year's NASA Earth Day events. 

Note: The events recording will be available to watch through 2 May 2023.


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