Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015

We are about to embark on a very important year as we approach the 20th Anniversary of GLOBE! As a community, we have a lot to be proud of and a lot of work still to do. Celebrations for this special anniversary begin in earnest on 22 April, Earth Day 2015. Here are some of the important events to date: 
  • A Google Hangout: Engage with Dr. Tony Murphy and GIO Staff online on Earth Day, 22 April. 

  • A GLOBE data entry app that allows users to perform data-entry on a large number of GLOBE science protocols directly from their phone or tablet. You've been asking for it, and Raytheon Web Solutions (RWS), the Technology Working Group, and the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) have been working to make it happen! Users will be able to collect their GLOBE measurements while in the field and without an Internet connection. Once they return to their classrooms, teachers and students will be able to upload their data to the GLOBE website with a single click. Look for the application for both iPhone and Android devices in mid-April.

  • Data entry recognition. During the week of Earth Day, the GIO will be giving special recognition to the schools that have been our best data contributors.

  • A data entry challenge. During the week of Earth Day, we will be challenging the community to enter more data using the existing data entry forms and the new app mentioned above.

  • A website refresh. GIO and RWS are constantly working to improve your user experience on our website. Scheduled to be launched on Earth Day is a new and improved The new look and feel of the site should make navigation and location of materials more efficient.

  • A newly revised Teacher's Guide. 

  • A global celebration of our 20th Anniversary throughout the year ahead. GLOBE Community, if you are planning anything for GLOBE's 20th Anniversary year, please let us know so that we can share it with the GLOBE community worldwide.

Earth Day and 20th Anniversary Celebrations Around the World

Region Country Event 2015
Africa Tanzania Kilimanjaro Xpedition 23 September - 2 October
  Cameroon Lycee Technique Industriel and Commercial- Bafoussam Tree Planting 22 April
  South Africa Cleansiness Campaign 22 April
Asia and Pacific Sri Lanka World Water Day 22 March
  India Activities in Delhi, Udaipur, Goa 22 April
  Thailand Mosquito Activities Event 22 April
  Nepal Water Biodiversity Expedition 9 January
Europe and Eurasia Netherlands Royal Meterological Institute Celebrates 20 Years of GLOBE 22 April
  Czech Republic GLOBE Games * 28-31 May
  Estonia Regional Learning Expedition with Nordic/Baltic/Ukraine participants 4-7 August
  Israel Salute to GLOBE Schools and 20 Years of GLOBE 10 June
  Germany Earth Day Student Conferences in Hamburg and Köln 22 April
    A film and video competition - Best of GLOBE Germany November
  Italy Celebration of GLOBE at Expo 2015 * in Udine 22 April
  Croatia GLOBE Games 11-13 May
    National Teachers Conference -Evaluation of The GLOBE Program October
    Sime Budinica Primary School Green Clean Up of Forest Park Musapstan 22 April
  Macedonia Dimitar Miladinov School Celebrates Earth Day * 22 April
  France A Celebratory 20th Anniversary Video has been Created * 22 April
Latin America and Caribbean Argentina Annual Training Workshop * 22-23 April
  Costa Rica Gregorio José Ramírez Castro High -Environmental Fair in Alajuela 22 April
  Peru Puno and Lake Titicaca - Teacher Training Workshop and ED Celebration 22 April
  Costa Rica Liceo Mercedes - Recycling Fair 22 April
  Uruguay 4th GLOBE Training Workshop in Tala, Canelones, Uruguay * 22 April
      28 May
Near East and North Africa Oman GLOBE Camp * 17-19 March
  Lebanon Teacher Training 18 April
    Environthon for Schools 29 April
  United Arab Emirates Aisha bint Abdullah Model School Celebrates Earth Day * 22 April
  Saudi Arabia GLOBE training workshops and field study 15-19 February
    Earth Day and 20th Anniversary Celebrations 22 April
    Earth Day in Taif - field studies at Damascus Rose plantation 22 April
  Jordan Earth Day Celebration at the Dead Sea with ceremony and hydrology protocols 25 April
North America USA Earth Day festivities at Union Station in Washington DC 22 April
    Hawkins School, Texas, Adopt-a-Highway CleanUp 22 April
    Wayne County Michigan Green Schools Celebration 6 May
  Canada Altado School and Connect Charter School in Calgary 22 April

* Events with asterisks have supplemental materials or webpages to share more information

* Europe and Eurasia

* Expo 2015 -Italy

* GLOBE France Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of GLOBE - VIDEO  -France

* Annual Training Workshop- Argentina

* 4th GLOBE Training Workshop in Tala, Calelones - Uruguay


GLOBE Community:

You may want to include the GLOBE Anniversary banner on events throughout our 20th Anniversary year. You can download it from the GLOBE website. Just scroll down the GLOBE logos page to see the anniversary banner in various formats.

GLOBE Earth Week Toolkit: A set of documents and templates that will help you promote your local events appears below:

News Advisory for Schools

Press Release

Media Outreach Tips

Staging a Successful Media Event

GLOBE's Image Consent Form