Earth Day 25th Anniversary Celebration

Earth Day, 22 April, 2020, marks the 25th Anniversary of the GLOBE Program. As a community, we have much to be proud of and a lot of work still to do. Celebrations for this special anniversary year begin in earnest on 22 April, Earth Day 2020!
Here is the link to 25th Anniversary logos to download for use in your schools and communities.  

Ways to Participate

1) Looking back at first 25 years.   

Thanks to all the Regional Coordination Offices who collected and sent historic photos to the GIO for our 25 Years retrospective video. The Video will appear here on 22 April, Earth Day!

2) Celebrate Earth Day with NASA 

On the NASA Earth Day 2020: 50th Anniversary website where you will find resources developed by science experts to help learner of all ages "do" science in ways that activate minds and promote understanding of the Earth system.  NASA's Earth Day 2020: 50th Anniversary Toolkit full of resources that are available to teachers and students, parents, civic leaders, museums  and anyone else  to use. More information is coming about activities you can do at home. 

2)  POSTPONED: Trees Challenge 2020: Make Every Tree Count event in the month of April, using the GLOBE Observer app 

NASA's top priority in this difficult time, is to do everything it can to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. For that reason, the agency is postponing the GLOBE Observer Trees Challenge 2020: Make Every Tree Count activity as part of GLOBE’s 25th anniversary celebration. Please keep checking back on GLOBE social for the latest concerning activities you can do with GLOBE, and also when the Trees Challenge might get reinstated.

4) Earth Day and GLOBE 25th Anniversary Celebrations Around the World   

Thanks to the GLOBE Regional Coordination Offices for updating the list below showing GLOBE Earth Day activities around the world. If you would like your event listed here, contact your Regional Coordination Office and let them know how you plan to celebrate. Many Earth Day activities CANCELLED. More information to come.










AFRICA South Africa Teacher Training Workshop 15 - 16 March 2020 Rogeline -
  Zika Training, Impact and Assessment meeting 17 - 18 March 2020 Rogeline -
  Opening ceremony and 25 th birthday celebrations 18 March 2020 Mark -
  Regional Meeting 19 March 2020 Mark -
All countries Water bodies research and collaboration 27 March - 17 April Rogeline, Mark, RCO Support
All countries Biomes Project September 2020 Rogeline, Mark, RCO Support
ASIA and PACIFIC Sri Lanka World Water Day   May 4 and 5, 2020 Damayanthi -    RCO - 
Maldives Expedition to the Sea April  5 to 9, 2020

Ahmed Shan -


India Young Friends of Environment Program for Celebration Earth Day -2020  April  22, 2020 IES, RCO -
New Zealand GLOBE Teacher's Training Workshop  May 2020 Victoria -, RCO -
New Zealand GLOBE ZIKA Country Mosquito Training May 2020 Victoria -, RCO -
Philippines GLOBE Science Festival  October 2020 Rod Allan -, RCO -
Thailand GLOBE Student Research Competition   July 2020

Yupaporn Laplai, IPST -


Thailand Earth Day April 2020

Yupaporn Laplai, IPST - 


Taiwan Science Festival July 2020

Pay -Liam -


Vietnam GLOBE Teacher's Training Workshop  August 2020

Linh Phan -, RCO -

India Scientific Expedition to the Chilika Lake at Eastern Coast of India January 31, 2021 to February 4, 2021


Croatia Night of Museums - exhibition of children's  art work on clouds and GLOBE workshops January 31 Diana Garasic
Croatia - Primary School Vladimir Nazor Virovitica Game escape room on the GLOBE subject April 20 Marina Nemet
Czech Republic GLOBE Games in Zbiroh May 28 - 31 Kristyna Kaiser

 GLOBE Day at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

October 7 Matthijs Begheyn

Ivano-Frankivsk City Environmental Station

Earth Day celebration - cleaning up the river bank and the territory station, planting shrubs and flowers, set up of a vineyard

April Bohdana Vasylchyshyn, Valentina Badai
Ukraine Project "GLOBE. Ukrainian Clouds Atlas" February - December Natalya Fedorenko
Europe and Eurasia RCO GLOBE Regional Meeting and Training in Omiš, Croatia October 26 - 30

Dana Votapkova

Bara Semerakova

Europe and Eurasia Water Bodies Observations and School Collaboration March 23 - April 17

Dana Votapkova

Bara Semerakova

Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine and more

My Tree in Spring - European Phenology Campaign 01 March -15 June

Lenka Kleger, the campaign coordinator

Europe and Eurasia Regional Coordination Office


Malta: Gozo College Rabat Primary School, Victoria

Israel: Begin Elementary School and Mosesnson High School in Hod Hasharon

A collaborating project between Malta & Israel

Commemorating 25 years of The GLOBE Program

December 2019 - June 2020

Ramona Mercieca

Refaela Babish



GLOBE 25 celebration week May 4 - 8 Laura Altin
Estonia GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition August 10 - 13 Laura Altin
Israel National Photo contest February - April Refaela Babish
Israel Virtual Conference on Earth Day April 22 Refaela Babish
Italy World Water Day - Join the event with activities in your country! March 20

Lorella Rigonat

Sandro Sutti

Germany Week for future - international meeting and parade for GLOBE in Paderborn June 30 - July 3 Anna Heyne-Mudrich
Malta Official Launch of the GLOBE Programme and GLOBE anniversary cake competition  April Ramona Mercieca
Malta Public Lecture on NASA-GLOBE Program connections -  Special guest Peter Falcon (NASA)  May Ramona Mercieca
Malta GLOBE Teacher Training Seminar - Special guest Peter Falcon (NASA) May Ramona Mercieca
LATIN AMERICA and CARIBBEAN Lima, Peru International Day of Girls and Women in Science. Promotion of the GLOBE Program and its impacts on students. Science fare open to the community at a public park February 11

José Martin Cárdenas Silva

Claudia Caro

Bogotá, Colombia

International Day of Women and Girls in Science Conference, Dissertation about the GLOBE Program and its impacts in students.

Event organized by the Presidency

February 11 Carlos Daniel Acuña
Misiones, Argentina Teachers Training Workshop with the support of the provincial education authorities. Welcoming new schools March 17. 18 Marta Kinsgland
Junin de los Andes, Argentina Teachers Training Workshop: ¨Let´s get ready to the Eclipse Observation event¨  March 27 - 28

Ana Prieto

Mariana Savino


Teachers Training Workshop: ¨Introductio to the GLOBE Program¨ Welcoming new schools. 

Earth Day Celebration event, water bodies data collection challenge.

April 21 - 22

Ian McKenzie

Mariana Savino



Water Bodies Observations and School Collaborations March 23 - April 17

Mariana Savino

Donna Candia


Trees Around the GLOBE campaign promotion.

Make every tree count, Trees data collection challenges within the Region

April 1 - 31

Mariana Savino

Donna Candia

LAC RCO 8 Webinars along the year ¨ How to carry out a research project to be submitted to the IVSS¨ May - September

Mariana Savino

Ana Prieto

Claudia Caro

LAC RCO Regional Meeting and Training August 25 - 28

Mariana Savino

Donna Candia

Argentina, LAC RCO 

Eclipse Observation Event in collaboration with Neuquen Province Government

December 14

Mariana Savino

Donna Candia


All Countries of the region (event will take place in Jordan)

GLOBE NENA 25th Anniversary Celebration & Student Competition

April 4th - April 9th 

Salma Alzubi