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Checking the validity and the quality of wells’ water in Jabel Al-Mukkaber area

Student(s):Mina/ Dina/Dunia/ Shaden/ Shaima/ Tasneem/Sara/Sadeel/Shahd/ Nancy/Mayar/Randa/Raba'a/Sana/ Mays
Grade Level:Middle School (grades 6-8, ages 11-14)
GLOBE Teacher:Samah Tawfiq
Contributors:Nour Bakri
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
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Date Submitted:04/03/2017
Jabel Al-Mukkaber village in Jerusalem city is known with the availability of household wells were they collect the rainwater in order to use it for different purposes such as; drinking, irrigation and cooking. However, this water may be exposed to serious dangers and water pollution is the most severe one. Therefore, in this study we focused on the water pollution problem, which may affect its validity of drinking , specifically, we to chose to check the wells’ water validity and quality of drinking according to the surrounded environments. Our main research question was “to what extent does the wells water in Jabel AL-Mukkaber area is considered to be valid for drinking?”. Therefore, and within the GLOBE program, the six graders in AL-Farouq school in Jabel AL-Mukkaber started to collect some samples of wells’ water, did some physical, biological and chemical tests using simple devices and tools. Finally, the results indicated the fact that the water in the wells which are surrounded with animals are not valid for drinking and do not meet the Israeli and WHO standards of water validity for drinking. Moreover, the wells which are not periodically cleaned and sterilized may cause diseases for its users. On the other hand, the wells which are surrounded with flagstones or asphalt and which are sterilized constantly do not have problems.


A comment from one of our scientists -

"This research is so incredibly important. I was impressed by your ability to demonstrate the water quality issues in your community and was very happy to hear your plans to share your findings. This project was very well though out and organized and all of the students who worked on this project should be happy with themselves. Very good and most important work!"

Nice job!