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December 2014 GLOBE News Brief

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GLOBE Alumni Africa 2014

During the 28-29 November 2014 GLOBE Africa Alumni workshop in Sunyani, Ghana, Regional GLOBE Alumni representative Ylliass Lawani (far right) and workshop participants brainstormed new ways to move forward and refresh their GLOBE skills.



Distinguished Educator Fellowship

Applications for the Distinguished Educator Fellowship for U.S. and international K-12 educators (formal and informal) are due by 15 December. If you are a GLOBE teacher or know of any GLOBE teachers that might be interested, please pass this information along! Click here for more information.

Teachers and students gather around a tree.



Surface Temperature Field Campaign Begins

Image from NASA MODIS
Average land surface temperature on 30.4.09. Image courtesy NASA MODIS

The GLOBE Program is hosting the annual Surface Temperature Field Campaign during the month of December. Dr. Kevin Czajkowski would like to engage as many GLOBE students as possible to take surface temperature observations. With the significant changes that have occurred in the Polar Regions, this is a great way to engage your students in understanding the energy budget and how snow and ice affect it. Read more here.



Online e-Training Modules for Teachers and Scientists

GLOBE offers three online supplemental modules for teachers and one online module for scientists. These modules have been recently updated, are now compatible with all tablets (Android, Apple etc.) and can be downloaded for viewing offline. As you complete the modules, you will have opportunities to access GLOBE science and educational materials and various NASA resources.



Coming Soon: Launch of the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Mission

Girl digging in the soil.

The NASA Soil Moisture Active Passive or SMAP Mission is scheduled to launch in January 2015. The SMAP Mission's instruments will scan Earth's surface every three days, producing soil moisture maps of the surface of Earth. The SMAP team is looking for GLOBE Program students to take soil-moisture measurements after the satellite mission is launched. The GLOBE community, the SMAP team and NASA need your data! Your participation is vital to understanding our planet's soil moisture. Click here to get started.



NGSS and Common Core Assessment Tasks

U.S. Teachers: The NGSS/Common Core Assessment Tasks were announced last week. These sample tasks provide examples of how content and practices from both the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics can be assessed together in classrooms. The middle school watershed question and weather question are exactly what GLOBE does! You can find GLOBE's "Guide to Connections between The GLOBE Program and the Next Generation Science Standards," a community-led project here.



Dr. Barry Rock to receive Youth Environmental Science Medal

Dr. Barry RockThe Youth Learning as Citizen Environmental Scientists (YLACES) Foundation announced that Dr. Barrett Rock, GLOBE's first Chief Scientist and also GLOBE's first Assistant Director, has been selected as the first recipient of the Youth Environmental Science Medal.
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STEM Story

Vodjo Fassinou Hotegni

Meet Vodjo "Nicodème" Fassinou Hotegni of Benin, recent PhD graduate in crop sciences and agri-food chain management from Wageningen University, Netherlands, who credits The GLOBE Program for giving direction to his career.

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Congratulations to the nine GLOBE countries celebrating anniversaries of successful GLOBE implementation during the month of December:

Russia - 19 years
16 December 1994

El Salvador - 18 years
11 December 1995

Greece - 18 years
12 December 1995

Guatemala - 16 years
05 December 1997

Surinam - 16 years
23 December 1997

Burkina Faso - 15 years
18 December 1998

Sri Lanka - 14 years
20 December 1999

Maldives - 10 years
08 December 2003

Oman - 4 years
08 December 2009





Calendar Art Competition

Sample calendar art
sample entry

Winning entries for the 2015 GLOBE Calendar Art Competition will be announced on Facebook beginning 8 December.



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