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Earn Badges for Participation in SCRC

You and your students will have many opportunities to earn a variety of e-badges for the activities and projects in the year ahead. The more you participate, the more badges you will earn to display on your school page. Currently, an e-badge is available for all who participated in SCRC Phase One by collecting data during an Intensive Observing Period (IOP), using a Climate Foundation Learning Activity in the classroom, developing a research project, attending a webinar, or contributing to the SCRC Discussion Forum.

If your school participated in SCRC Phase One, it has earned a Phase One badge: 

  • The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) identified the top-participating schools (the top 10 overall and the top three by region). If your school is on the list, you will find that a badge has been awarded on your school page.
  • If your school is not listed on this page, but it participated in SCRC in any way, you can add an e-badge to your school's page by following the e-Badge instructions.
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