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GLOBE’s Mobile Data Entry App – Data Entry Made Easy!

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Tip of the Week: The GLOBE Data Entry App is available to the GLOBE community – and it’s all about making data entry easy! If you have an existing GLOBE account, the Data Entry App allows you to enter protocol data directly from your iOS or Android device.

After an initial download of forms, you can record your measurements in the field, and then choose to send your data to GLOBE when you have an internet connection.  The app streamlines some aspects of data entry, and allows you to use your phone's camera to document your sites and measurements. (This app is intended only for users who have an existing GLOBE account.) 

The current version (Version 1.3) allows users to create and edit sites and to document the sites with photos - even without an active internet connection! 

Download the app for android now from Google Play.

Download the app for iOS now from the App Store.

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