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GLOBE Student Vloggers Share “All About My Culture” In New Videos

Photo of four GLOBE Student Vloggers: Lakshmi, Renada, Johannes, and Xavier

Four GLOBE Student Vloggers (GSVs) have released a video detailing their culture (with more to come from the vloggers who haven't yet shared their culture story). If you haven't viewed these videos already, check them out today:

  • To view “All About My Culture with Lakshmi of India,” click here.
  • To view “All About My Culture with Renada of Oman,” click here.
  • To view, “All About My Culture with Johannes of Estonia,” click here.
  • To view “All About My Culture with Xavier of South Africa,” click here.

Stay tuned! In conjunction with the 2022 NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge, the vloggers will be releasing a special edition “compilation” video on clouds and climate for each of their locations during the first week of January.

To view current, and past, vlogs from the GSVs on The GLOBE Program's YouTube channel, click here. (Be sure to subscribe and elect for notifications to never miss a weekly episode.)


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office